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Secure storage Berlin for your belongings with all-round access

Now, there is no need to stress about excessive items while moving, our company Blitz Umzuege provides the storage solution for you, no matter whether you need service before the day of moving or in an emergency, we work in all situations to provide our best service to the customers.

Usually, we don’t get enough idea whether all the items will be transported at once or not and sometimes many items we don’t want to transport at that time too. We understand the pulse of the situation and we act according to it. 

We offer a separate lockbox feature to every customer, keeping in mind all the precautions and safety.  No matter whether your items are small or big as furniture, we have enough space to carry all the items.

Also, no matter whether you’re moving with us for a short or long move, or whether you want to use storage space only, everything is possible with us. Just let us know your query, we would be happy to help you anyway.

Storage of furniture in Berlin

Storage of furniture in Berlin

If you’re moving and have no time left, and couldn’t take all your belongings at one time, then you can have a storage service from the Blitz, whether for a short time or a long time. Your belongings will be safe, dry, and well heated at a standard price.

We offer storage boxes and containers in all different sizes, those are especially useful for longtime storage. We even have enough boxes to store all the items which an apartment or a house could have.

No matter for whatever the purpose you need for whatever the time, either big or small, we can provide you easily on an emergency basis too.

Storage in Berlin – lightning moves

If you’ve left with no space for other furniture or any other items in your apartment then you can store some of your items in our storage for a temporary basis, or as long as you want. 

At Blitz, we offer a different option for storing your items. Our storage in Berlin is heated, dry, and well clean as well as our storage is equipped with all the security, and we assure that not even a single needle misses out from our side.

Storage Berlin

Storage Berlin will be happy to provide you with sufficient space. We offer:

Self-storage (store it yourself) 

With the self-storage option, only you have the option of storing furniture and objects in your own storage room for both private and commercial purposes.

Only you get access to this storage room – as often as you want, no one else.

You can come and go at any time within the access hours and put things in or take them out whenever you want.

Storage container “Swap body”

Thanks to a modern exchange system, your stored goods do not have to be handled twice. We bring the storage container right to your door and your stored goods remain in the container until they are removed from storage.

open spaces

We pick up your furniture and store it with us in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Storing furniture: you should pay attention to this

Before storing your furniture, you should pack it carefully to protect it from damage. Mirrors, pictures, and similar sensitive objects, as well as electronic devices, should be packed in bubble wrap if possible.

Special care should be taken with refrigerators. These should be clean, empty, and dry and only stored with the door slightly open, otherwise, mold will form or unpleasant odors will develop. If you store the furniture, put it down carefully. The heavy pieces go at the bottom, smaller ones in larger ones.

Let our team give you professional advice on what kind of storage space is best for you!

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You can send a message to us free of charge at any time. Whether you want a personal offer, an appointment for a visit or a call-back – no matter, simply fill in the Quick enquiry form and we will get in touch with you. Or you can use our moving cost calculator to create a personal offer in just 3 steps! You will then receive your moving goods List and the further details as a PDF by e-mail for printing.

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