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Through our long-distance moves from Berlin to the wide world

A long-distance move is definitely a complex task, and you might have many questions running over your head, how your belonging will reach safely to your new home? , Which formalities do you have to do? What other things do I have to consider before moving? It is very important to have all the necessary work done before you move.

Being an individual you might not have all the ideas as well, what things are compulsory and what not. Better you hire a professional moving advisor, who can guide through all the paperwork and can help you in moving your items as well through transport. And Blitz is the master in this field.

costs for long-distance moves in Berlin

Who bears the costs for long-distance moves in Berlin?

Obviously, the cost of long-distance moves in berlin would be high than moving from one city to another city. Usually, the employer pay for your relocation cost, if you’re having a long-distance move, but that has to be written on contract paper. So make sure if you don’t want to get indulge in any issue in the future, be aware before signing the contract. 

If it’s written that the employer will pay the amount, then the blitz will directly contact the employer, in this, you don’t have to worry about anything. Do get in touch with us and have a consultation free of charge.

Moving abroad with Blitz: Here’s how it works!

We make sure that we’re following all the recommended checklists, which we set up for all the moves, off-course we also take into consideration the client’s timing and situation, you can check out these services given below

  • Professional planning and advice
  • Carrying out all formalities
  • Disassembly and assembly of furniture
  • Kitchen dismantling and kitchen construction
  • Provision of packaging material
  • Packing service on request
  • Establishment of a ban on stopping
  • Provision of movers
  • Appropriately sized van plus driver
  • Organization of air and sea freight
  • Disposal of excess items
  • Renovation and painting work

Moreover, we’re not focused only on the moving or the outcomes, but we proceed, the process by process, we ask and guide customers, on what and how to do the task, and we also inform about our progress as well, like how we’re going and where we have reached. Our aim is to take all the burden on us and release them free so that they can utilize their free time doing something special that they loved.

Long-distance moves Berlin

Long-distance moves Berlin: In which direction should it go?

Long-distance moves in berlin lead either to the German capital or away outside of Germany. I am sure you will take many memories with you of Berlin wherever you go. To not disrupt this feeling, let us help you to manage all your work and make it done, do check and fill out the form and get a call back from us. 

Tailor-made service for the customer is king

For us, every customer is king, that’s why we don’t fail to treat our services to every customer. Basically, long-distance moves in Berlin start with an on-site appointment to get acquainted with all the items and analyze the number of boxes that will be needed. Most of the time our analysis gets matched, what we had assumed. So before we pack, we make sure all the checklist has been followed made by us. 

We assure you as well that your move will be done by us, whether it is private or a company because we deal with moving every day, and perform the same task on a daily basis, so there will no need of substitute against us. Just choose your service and get it done.

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You can send a message to us free of charge at any time. Whether you want a personal offer, an appointment for a visit or a call-back – no matter, simply fill in the Quick enquiry form and we will get in touch with you. Or you can use our moving cost calculator to create a personal offer in just 3 steps! You will then receive your moving goods List and the further details as a PDF by e-mail for printing.

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