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Moving Company Berlin for your move in Berlin

Are you preparing yourself for a move? No matter, your move is near or far, we provide the best experience in both moves. Our only motto is to give the best experience to our lovely customer, in terms of giving service as well as in terms of price. Blitz-moving company is known for their services, we have been serving our customers for the last 15 years, till now we hardly have received any complaints, even we have given what our customer had never expected of course (take in a positive way). Umzugsunternehmen Berlin Due to the customer trust we are thriving till now, and we will keep thriving with your support. You can trust for the price and your belongings, we charge the least from what others are charging in industry, also no matter whether your move is small or big, whether your move only contains sofa or the whole furniture or the whole household stuff. We give service in your every needs, our customer satisfaction is our top-most priority.

Before You Move : We Guide and You Decide

Our Years experienced moving helpers will be glad to assist you at your doorstep or on call before proceeding to a move, making proper plan and executing them is what our USP since last 15 years, you just have to let us know what services you have need from us, and rest we will take care of it. We make sure to our customer that your move or your belongings or could say your household stuff are in safe hands, so that you can relax and lean back without worrying. Just look out for your new-apartment, and make plans about what you’re going to do there. Also you should not worry about the prices, you can definitely hire us at affordable prices, even for your big and long move. The Blitz-Umzuege team is just a call away from you, or you can enquire us by going through the contact now tab, Just let us know your query we will solve as soon as possible.

While Moving: We Act - You Relax

After hiring Blitz-umzuge you not need to worry about anything, just leave everything on the organisation, We will take care of everything from No-parking signs, final touch-up to your old living space, your dismantling kitchen to making to again new as it was, we are familiar with all task which a home or apartment needed, our moving helpers in berlin are experts or could say very well experienced in carrying out even the complicated moves such as fragile material, costliest furniture, and everything. Our moving professional Act quickly and perform carefully, No doubt that our only motto is to make our customer fully satisfied about their move with our best moving service. For any doubt you can request us through contact form as well as you can contact us directly through a call at any-time. FRAGEN? 

Ask from your Moving Company in Berlin - We will Answer

Are you confused about moving to Berlin? You might have many questions revolving around your head about the move, but no worry, you’re in the right place to make your move smoother and memorable. Our moving company in Berlin has helped many people in their confusion. If you’re struggling to get your answer, just drop that query to us, we will assist you in no-longer time, also you can navigate to the FAQ page and you'll get most of the answer there in a quick time. But if you still face any problem, you can call us on a phone number.

You can Move From Berlin to Anywhere...

From Berlin to  Friedrichshain , Pankow , Prenzlauer-Berg , Mitte , Kreuzberg , Treptow , Köpenick , Schöneberg , Wedding , Neukölln , Lichtenberg , Hellersdorf, Spandau , Charlottenburg , Zehlendorf, no matter where you desire to move, we will help in every part to move from one city to another city in Germany. Whether you want to move quickly from Berlin to Brandenburg, Berlin to Munich, Berlin to Hamburg, or Berlin to Switzerland, We Blitz-Umzuege are ready to serve and relocate you in a no longer time with guaranteed flexible move.  Blitz-Umzuege serves regionally, throughout Germany as well as Europe as a professional moving company in Berlin.
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Here is your moving company for your removals and furniture transport in Berlin ( Successful moving lie on choosing best moving company)

No doubt that Blitz-Umzuege would be the best moving company within Berlin or out of Berlin for your move, you can have individual quotations for your move, with fairly calculated as well as with proper guidance. Our 15 years experience, clearly tell about our work ethics, moreover if you have any doubt, just reach out through contact form or through the call, we will be happy to answer you in an easy way. Choose the service below which you need. Anything missing? Contact us now:

Office Relocation Berlin

Moving a business is not a cup of tea you just sip and done, it also requires the proper planning and in the same way it needs to execute.

We make sure that when the office moves, it must move smoothly, and also you don’t need to worry, as we have experts in our company who will carry out your stuff, the way you can never think of, this way you’ll be saving your precious time as well as your money too.

Before making plans on call, we will make an appointment to visit your office, to make sure the situations on the site, We will also record the stuff you have in your office, and will be categorizing according to the material it has made.

Working for a long year in this field, we have also made a premade plan, which will definitely lie in your plan, just check that checklist and you’re good to go  this way we can come up with the conclusion very quickly.

Also We take care of all the material which you have in the office, even we have premade cardboard boxes prepared which will definitely help to pack the fragile stuff in the box while relocating.

We will also clear out If you have a messy basement in your office, also we will help you to renovate your old office, so that you handle the keys to the landlord the same as it was.

The renovation includes painting, clearing out carpet, dismantling the cabinets and fitting them in new locations.

Well the cost would not be much higher as compared to when you’re moving from one apartment to another apartment.

The cost depends upon the inspection and the amount of stuff you have in your office.

If you have any query, then let us know


Private Move Berlin

Moving has never been easy for anyone, the only way is to tackle the things and get it done, so the main part is not that how much stuff you have to move with you, the matter is how are you tackling those move, you have both option either to collaborate with the mover and take advice and give advise and another way is to hire a private move berlin, this move is really a special event.

This comes in front when you want to only think about shifting to your new apartment, about your new city, or about the new phase which you’re going to begin, so in-order to make this move as smoothly as possible, it requires professional advice which will definitely help in making good planning.

Moving Privately with Blitz moving company surely comes at a little more price, but surely it will save your time, your move will trouble and hassle-free moreover this reduces the possibility of damage to your stuff.

We provide full-services as a moving company, and we are dedicated to help you in every area of your private move, based on your ideas and personal needs.

We help to make a proper plan before moving. We have tried and tested methods for every situation, you just need to tell us your requirements.
If you fully submit everything to us, then you can relax even without having any unanswered questions.

We make sure that we reserved a no-parking zone to ensure a flexible move on the day of the trip as this is the most important part of the move, even this applies to all people who are thinking to travel alone.

Whether it is your fully private service, or your partial service, we will be happy to help you in any condition.

When you hire a private move, you have all accessibility to count our experts, our experts helper,will help you to pack and unpack your household items for you, We assemble and disassemble your kitchen and furniture professionally.

Our professional team takes care of all the details given by the customer, you can be sure and relax by knowing that a private move with Blitz is affordable and cheap.


Relocation helper Berlin

Are you looking for an experienced, reliable, and affordable moving company? If yes? Then Blitz-umzuege would like to congratulate you for landing in the right place.

Blitz-Moving had been the choice and it’s still for relocation all over Germany and Europe.

We are quick in taking action, we take care of your belongings.

As well as you can have a non-binding offer to move within an hour, depending upon your need, whether you need to move urgently or on any specific date, we’re always ready to serve you.

Talking about Blitz, Blitz-Umzuege never compromises with the quality of services, this implies first to the employer, we have strict rules, we don’t hire inexperienced helpers, this way we reduce the chance of any mistake while relocating your stuff.

Our moving company employers have years of experience, as well as they are hard-working, reliable and friendly, their expertise can handle any complicated move in an easy way.

You just need to relax for your precious belongings, no matter whether it is your furniture or your kitchen stuff, they will do it in a fraction of an hour.

Moreover we’re very sure that you’ll be satisfied with our services.

If you have any questions in your mind, please connect us through contact form or you can call us on given number


Details of our moving offers in Berlin

When talking about the moving offers for moving in Berlin or outside, at Blitz you will get the industry’s best offer.

We also provide an extensive insurance cover for your stuff, including packing and unpacking. Also we work with extra care when moving the heavy object, we often use external lifts as well as extensive fleets of trucks in-order to avoid any injury to our helper or to anyone.

Another benefit of choosing us as your moving company in berlin, we also look out for your empty apartment, we will clean and renovate your apartment and will make more beautiful as it was before.

Because if you’re living in a contract and leaving to another apartment, then you make sure to hand over the key to the owner after maintaining the apartment.

Well renovation includes cleaning up your messy stuff left after moving, then clearing the basement and throwing the unused item, plastering wall and then painting the whole apartment

Also we provide storage boxes service, where you can store your important boxes as long as you want, well we have enough capacity, no matter how much you have stuff with you.

We will take care of it.

Last but not the least, you’re going to save a lot of money if you use our additional cargo service, by using this you can send your large items in a berlin or out of the Berlin in an easy way.

Now, what are you waiting for? Contact us now:


How we calculate the cost of your move in Berlin

Your call is what make us sure that we are great choice for you as moving company in Berlin,

Talking about the price, price varies depending upon the things which you have as well as the condition of that time.

Well you can have an approximate prices by speaking to our expert, they will help you in every aspect, also you can assume yourself that moving in Berlin and moving outside of Berlin the prices would be different.

Cost also depends upon the area you have and the amount of stuff which needs to relocate.

For this reason, our moving company visits at least once to inspect the situation there, no worry we don’t charge for the visit that is of-course free of cost.

After visiting the site, we will make the solid plan and will provide you the best offer you can ever think of.


Need help? Connect with expertise of removal company

While working for many years, we understand the fact that you can’t handle a move, if your moving company has an unprofessional mover, as we have stated earlier also, that Blitz moving company never comprises the quality of services. That’s why we only have a professional employer, who has been working with us for a long year.

That is why we’re thriving till now.

Well the consultation begins before a moving, We listen to our customer carefully and as well as write down their advice too.

After the call we also make an appointment to visit an area to inspect more profoundly, we write down every object you have, and then we make the plans, about which require more care and which require little care.

We design the boxes according to the item, we have a specially designed box for the fragile item, we also wrap the furniture so that it doesn’t get damaged while moving.

If you have an apartment room or office on the first floor then we look for the stairs condition, whether we can bring the stuff through the stairs or will need to pass through the balcony. 

To avoid any fine we also took permission for no-stopping from the higher authorities.

Overall you should not worry about anything, you just have to left everything on us, and we will take care of it.

Moving is our daily life work, we know how to do any task.

Well we will be happy to answer you more if you have questions on your mind, kindly let us know, we will respond to you soon as possible.

Note: We also do an emergency move, if you want to move sudden, then we’re ready for that too, just give us a call and we will be at your doorstep in a minute.


Affordable Relocation Help

Another reason for moving with Blitz moving company in Berlin, is the reasonable price. We take care of the customer expectation as well as our employee, we never charge about what we haven’t done, our customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We offer the complete move wherever you move, either from Berlin to Hamburg, Berlin to Bradenburg or any other region of Europe, We will assist you no matter wherever you go.

Also if you are providing yourself with transportation and you only need a helper for moving your furniture, kitchen cabinet, to dispose of your basement stuff,  then we’re ok with that too.

Also if you need a small move, like you want to shift your workshop or where you’re living in a shared apartment we can take care of that too.

No matter whether your move is large or small, we are ready to help you in any of the moves. Just let us know your requirements and see our actions on the ground.


Relocation in whole of Berlin

Our relocation Company is always available for the service in whole city of Berlin. Our Company is in the centre of Berlin: Friedrichshain, not far from Frankfurter Allee and thus Bundesstrasse B1. From here we work in divided city districts like Berlin Köpenick, Lichtenberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Treptow

also in Berlin Mitte, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Wedding or also Marzahn, Spandau, Tegel and Zehlendorf. The List extends itself and there is hardly any place in Berln where we till now havent provided relocation servces.


Finally we complete our Assignments not only with utmost Professionalism, but also with Heart. We love our Profession and work always with a smile. Working together with our company, you will be acknowledged that friendliness makes always a difference. We are happy to work for you!


Clients Feedback

Very good …

The move has gone very well! The company BLITZ UMZÜGE I will definitely recommend to my friends and acquaintances.

The move within Berlin …

The move within Berlin was really “lightning” fast and smooth.

Consultant is very active

Consultant is very active and you can convince yourself through the whole Umzugsline: hotline service responds quickly and flexibly, freight forwarders are very quiet but fast and polite and with expert knowledge. I will recommend it to anyone.

Super thanks to Lightning removals

My move within Berlin was super thanks to lightning removals. I was well advised and price and performance were right. I can only recommend it to anyone.

Just great…

Hey guys, the company Flash Moves is just great. So please recommend! Thank you

All from a single source

Our moving offers are “all-inclusive,” which means even packing and unpacking into specially suitable moving boxes.

Perfect relocation planning

Most recently, all our removals in Berlin take place not onlywith maximum professionalism, but also with heart. We loveour profession and (almost) always work with a smile.

Many years of experience

For our moving company, the experience speaks to more than ten years. In addition, we work flexibly and are also happy to be your contact person for an express move to Berlin, including a last-minute service.

Quick Enquiry

You can send a message to us free of charge at any time. Whether you want a personal offer, an appointment for a visit or a call-back – no matter, simply fill in the Quick enquiry form and we will get in touch with you. Or you can use our moving cost calculator to create a personal offer in just 3 steps! You will then receive your moving goods List and the further details as a PDF by e-mail for printing.

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