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FAQ – Moving with a Movers and Packers Company

If you want to have more Information – our FAQ will help you decide, how to make your Moving Assignment easier and Comfortable.

If I want to read some references now, is that possible?

Of course. The most positive reviews on Google and our customer feedbacks speak for themselves.

When should the exact date for the move be fixed?

You can also instruct us today to carry out your move tomorrow. We will, of course, meet this desire, provided we have free availabilities.
In most cases, a advance time of 7-10 days is sufficient.

Do the Moving Team drink Beer while Assignment is on?

No, of course not. Alcohol consumption is also strictly prohibited for us, during working hours or during the move.

Do you block loading and unloading points – do you set up stop zones / Hold Ban Zones?

Yes – if its required.

With signs and obtaining the derogation required in most cities, about five days before the date of removal.

Should the freezer be empty?

Your cooling Cabinets would be loaded at the last in the Truck and can be powered only after an hour when we reach the destination.

Do you transport Piano also?

For Pianos, big pianos and Safes we only let professionals to handle.

Can I claim the relocation Cost-Taxes?

For professional reasons, you can deduct the invoice and other removal-related costs tax-reducing.
Relocation for private reasons: 20% of the labor costs shown on the invoice can be claimed for tax purposes.

Can I also rent Cartons from you?

But you have to buy the cartons from us first with the invoice, late you can return them.
You have to return the Cartons yourself and we will refund for per clean and not torn carton 1 Euro. If we pick up, we return only 50 cents. Price for clothes-boxes different.

Can I also use Banana Boxes for the Moving?

You are allowed to use any kind of Cartons for the Moving Assignments.

REQUEST : Kindly do not make the packed carton more heavier than 18-20 kg. In addition, please also make sure that the cartons do not rise again when lifting down. If you keep these two things, we carry your banana boxes everywhere!

Are my Belongings insured with the moving and Packing services?

Your Goods are with a starting of basic liability of 620 euros per cubic meter insured.
Only the objects which are packed by you are not insured, Plants and functional damage to electrical equipment, as far as the latter have been properly transported.

Do the Assignment is resumed on Sunday / Public Holidays?

Obviously yes if you wish so. Without extra cost.

Do you also transport EDP and other Art Articles?

yes. We do the special provision for transport of EDP and other Art Materials.

When it rains during Assignment — is that a Problem?

No, because we would be saving your stuffs bestly from Humidity and dirt. We wrap your valuable pieces of furniture, leather and upholstered furniture, mattresses and delicate wood furniture in stretch film. This costs a little bit of time but is very useful.

Do I have to take care of the Refreshments during Moving?


It is also not possible anyway, to provide all relocation helpers the right choice of eating. Since the move must generally be improvised, this can not be your task. Nevertheless, everyone is happy about enough water, tea or coffee.
A piece of cake or a few sausages will certainly taste the one or the other in between.

How many Trucks are available with you?

The professionalism and size of the company can not simply be explained by the high number of vehicles in their own fleet rather, if we always have the right vehicle ready at the right time and provide it for transport or relocation. Try us!

Do the Assignment completion dates are postponed?

This case occurs so often. Completion dates of construction Companies or Workers are not satisfied or unforeseeable events occur. But we do not take any downtime costs. A solution with or without interim storage, will be always found for you.

Do you have temperory Staff or Permanent Employees?

We have permanent employees – and at times temporary workers with years of experience and dedication in our team. We do not employ people without qualifications and motivation.

Do you accept Card Payments?

No, till this moment we do not accept Card Payments. But we are working on a solution for cashless payment on site.

However, if you do not want to carry so much cash, especially in case of major moves, you can pay by bank transfer in advance. In this case, the money must be in our account 2-3 days before the Assignment begins.

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