Blitz Umzüge in Berlin und Weltweit macht Umzug, Entümpelungen, Wohnungsauflösungen und Malerarbeiten in Berlin.
Fast Movers and Packers in Berlin

This is how you enjoy our all-round service.

Our Service for you:

Our moving helpers are experienced and carry out complicated removals and furniture assembly services professionally and stress-free for you, because we want to inspire you with our service and make you happy.

  • Moves and transports nationwide and EU-wide
  • Moves for private, corporate, office or public authorities
  • Loading all over Europe
  • Clearing out and waste disposal
  • Housing and basement Resolutions
  • Demolition work and rubble disposals
  • Packing and assembly work
  • Sale and repurchase of moving materials
  • On request agreement of binding fixed prices on site
  • Free * Non-binding tour dates
  • Free carton delivery, when placing an order
  • Negotiable flat Rates
  • Direct settlement with social Welfare & Jobcenter/employment Office
  • Parades in Berlin also short-term, in-evening hours and on weekends

* Free visit only in the following districts: Wedding, Mitte, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Rummelsburg, Alt-Treptow, Plänterwald, Alt-Hohenschönhausen, Biesdorf, Marzahn, Kaulsdorf, Hellersdorf, Prenzlauer Berg, Lichtenberg, Friedrichsfelde, Weißensee

Moving and Packing Service

We are your professional Company for moving and Packing Assignments. Whether it’s a private move or the complete move of an office. We are equipped for all eventualities and offer the perfect logistic solution. Even for large removals or removals in hard to reach apartments. Thanks to our years of experience we can advise you professionally.

Apartment resolution Berlin

An experienced, well-established team takes care of your housing dissolution in Berlin or the surrounding area – whether the resolution of the apartment is due to a death, an extract abroad, contraction and abandonment of the home or other reasons. . The process has been tested for many years and is carried out professionally.


If your own car is too small and a complete truck is too large, then we offer you the solution in the context of a single load.

Small/special transports and loads – BLITZ Packers and Movers are active for you regionally, Germany and Europe-wide.


Our moving company Blitz – Umzüge in Berlin offers you the right option for every situation. This also applies to the frequently occurring storage problem.

Where with all the furniture, files and other personal or business things that need to be accumulated or stored because of a move?

We offer separately lockable storage boxes in heated furniture stores in Berlin or Brandenburg.

Not all furniture can be completely covered or set aside during a renovation. If you need space, you have to store it with us. Once the rooms are ready, you can go back to your new home.

For storage or temporary storage of your furniture we offer you our secured and heated warehouse in Berlin. It is possible to store your furniture in storage boxes, swap bridges, or on the open spaces.

It does not matter whether you want to move with us and want a short-or long-term storage, or to use our warehouse in Berlin for the pre-and post-transit of an overseas transport. Selfstorage or self-storage is of course also possible. The Times for storage must be observed!

Stopping Permission / Holding Ban

Apply for Stopping Permission / Holding Ban

With our Company this task is part of the scope of services – and of course we do.

The capital city of Berlin is becoming more and more popular. In order for your furniture trolley to stand in front of the old and the new apartment on the day of the move, we will gladly hold a spot for your relocation in Berlin and take care of the timely request and the establishment of the ban signs.

It is important to set up the holding signs in good time so that they can be noted by residents and be able to adapt to them in good time. The signs must be drawn up about two to four days before the actual date of removal. The reason: It allows the holders of vehicles that are in the holding ban to remove them in time. In addition, the signs must be borrowed and placed and then brought back again-we will also take over this task for you so that you can prepare yourself for your Berlin move in peace.

Of course, the signs cannot be easily set up – this requires approval by the Berlin Road Transport Authority. In general, differences between simple and double-sided holdings are prohibited. Double-sided Halteverbotschilder affect both sides of the road. In order to apply for a holding ban and the associated holding signs, a certain course is necessary – an evening before the move this would be already too late.


Our employees are well acquainted with the statutory disposal regulations and the word disposal problem does not exist with us.

We will immediately create a free and non-binding offer. Thus, you are already informed of the costs incurred in advance.


Moving Service Berlin

Are you looking for a moving service in Berlin? Or even a moving helper for Berlin? In both cases we are happy to assist you. Blitzumzuege. Berlin sees itself as an all-round service for all those who move to Berlin. Of course, we also turn our offer to people who want to place their food point in the capital city. We also cover relocation Services in Berlin, which have gained significant importance in recent years.

Did you know that relocations in Berlin occur every day around 425 times? These figures, of course, do not come from us, but from an article from the daily paper “B. Z”. Admittedly, the value dates back to the year 2014, but the relevance of a good moving service for Berlin has since increased rather. From your own experience you will know that moving is not the same move. Especially when it comes to moving around in Berlin, the details are of enormous importance. This starts with the question of the right route. As an experienced moving company, Blitzumzuege. Berlin is guaranteed the fastest route. Of course, we also take account of the current traffic situation and know from hundreds of relocations which roads are to be avoided at what time of day.

The park situation is equally relevant for the removals in Berlin. On request, we will ensure that no-stop zones are set up in good time and take all the work into account in this context. So moving around Berlin becomes a child’s play. In addition to organising and providing the suitable vehicles, the movers for Berlin should also be competent. In the case of Blitzumzuege. Berlin is an experienced and specially trained specialist staff, which always comes with the necessary tools. We are mainly concerned with efficient and goal-oriented work, which works especially when we act as a team. In a move in Berlin, all employees, like the parts of a movement, engage each other and ensure the performance at a record pace.

By the way, moving around in Berlin is not just about competence on the day of the move. We accompany your move already during the planning and will gladly take the packing and unpacking as well. We will of course bring the moving cartons with you and lend them to you. Our moving helpers and moving planners can record at a glance which capacities are needed and ensure an exact calculation. The result: You do not pay a cent more than necessary and we carry out your move in Berlin quickly and smoothly.

The reasons for our success lie primarily in our dedication to our profession and our consistent customer orientations.

Renovation and Painting Assignments

Renovation and painting work with professional service. Hand-crafted high-quality, reliable and punctual execution of assigned tasks.

It is a matter of course that if you found a newly renovated apartment when you moved in, it will bring it back to a renovated state. Because everyone wants to move into a renovated and clean apartment. Normal wear and tear can also be used by anyone with little effort to fix themselves. However, if the apartment or the house can only be restored professionally, the right craftsman must be hired to avoid mistakes. If a renovation is only possible with professional help, the tenant must stand up for defects which he is responsible for and have all damages repaired with professional care.

Often a painting is sufficient to provide the walls evenly well with the corresponding color. However, if you have two left hands, you can order a professional craftsman. Blitz-Removals Berlin works together with professional crafts that are familiar with their material and deliver high-quality performance. Remember that the new tenant should feel comfortable here, just as you would have wanted.

In the end, the painting works also includes the cleaning of the premises. In the end, there should be no traces of the previous tenants or renovation work.

It is always time consuming to eliminate such residues and it is rarely possible to remove all color stains directly. Usually this work is also something for the craftsman who knows which products are used at what level of pollution in order to achieve a perfect result. The materials of the substrate can also be sensitive and be inspected by a specialist. A lot can be saved if a professional service is used directly. So you can enjoy a lot of time and power Sparenund your Berlin move to the new home.

When leaving, you should leave the apartment just as you would like to find yourself as a new tenant. Already a fresh colour on the walls makes the apartment seem like new.

We are happy to take over this task for you with our professional service in Berlin, so that you can concentrate on your move in peace and quiet.

If you have any questions or advice, we are at your disposal at any time in our Blitz – Umzüge in Berlin or via our hotline!

Moving Services Reinickendorf

Berlin is known for its packing and moving services. This also applies to a move to Reinickendorf or a move to and from Reinickendorf. The speech is both from the district of Reinickendorf as well as from the district, which includes neighborhoods such as Tegel, Konradshöhe, Heiligensee or Frohnau as well as the Märkische district. This list also shows the enormous versatility that makes a move to Reinickendorf a challenge. Just over 260,000 people have their homes here and live on an area of almost 90 square kilometers.

Reinickendorf is located in the northwest of Berlin. A move to Reinickendorf usually leads through the highway A111 or the Federal Highway 96, both of which traverse the district. But it always plays a big role, whether we organize a parade in one of the big streets of Reinickendorf such as the Oak born dam, the Scharnweberstraße or at the Kurt-Schumacher-Platz or whether it is in a quiet residential area in Konradshöhe or Heiligensee. Between these two poles there is a wide range of relocations, which expresses the versatility of the district. In addition, the high-rise buildings in the Märkische quarter or the Meller arch, which mean special challenges for a move to Reinickendorf.

As a moving company we know Reinickendorf as from the proverbial “Effeff”. We know exactly which roads are suitable for fast transit and where a traffic jam is to be expected. This is also important because we are honoring our company name Blitzumzuege. Berlin and our removals in Reinickendorf or elsewhere quickly and smoothly go on stage. Those who also know Reinickendorf will know that this is not always a matter of course in view of the chronically congested roads and the high traffic. Accordingly, our moving helpers and drivers have profound local knowledge and are also familiar with the supposed creepage paths in the entire Berlin northwest.

What makes a move to Reinickendorf also attractive are the many employers. Certainly they can also be reached from another district of Berlin, but those who work for example at Tegel Airport or its surroundings will appreciate the direct proximity to the workplace. The same applies to the many companies along the Wittestraße or companies such as Borsig, Vivantes, the Gewobag or even the world’s largest elevator manufacturer Otis.

In addition, Reinickendorf stands naturally for an enormously high recreational value. Those who value this can look forward to the many lakes, especially Lake Tegel, after moving to Reinickendorf. In addition, the Tegeler forest and the adjacent landscapes of Brandenburg attract visitors.

Moving Services Berlin Switzerland

Untouched nature, perfect organization and even higher wages. Moving from Berlin to Switzerland makes sense for many people. In fact, cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne and Bern have gained an ever-increasing attractiveness in recent years. The Alpine country with its more than eight million inhabitants is also dependent on skilled workers from abroad and because of the language German have particularly good cards. However, there are some special features to consider when moving to Switzerland.

Blitzumzuege. Berlin is a proven specialist for Berlin – Switzerland’s removals. Keep in mind that the Confederation is not part of the European Union and is subject to special customs regulations. In other words, a move to Switzerland cannot be compared with a move in the country or in a country of the EU and is accompanied by special challenges.

Don’t worry: As a moving company we have already carried out a lot of moves from Berlin to Switzerland. In Switzerland, by the way, this is called “reining” but only on the sidelines. Our approach is similar to that of a domestic move. We will be happy to provide you with a binding offer directly on site and to supply you with the necessary moving cartons on request. Of course we also take care of the premises – in this case in Switzerland – for the necessary precautions such as the establishment of a ban zone etc. Even more important for a successful Berlin move to Switzerland is the consideration of some tips.

Let’s take the moving car only once. In some cases it may happen that it is weighed at the border. Customs here give clear guidelines that should not be exceeded in terms of weight. The background is the Nachtfahr and weekend driving ban for trucks under which the 7.5-tonner, which is often used when moving, is also covered. Another aspect is the opening hours of customs clearance, which should be considered as much as possible.

Finally, the question arises as to whether they will immediately reside in Switzerland or leave it in Germany first. This question is relevant with regard to the so-called estate. The rule here is that imported items have been used personally for at least six months and must also be used after importation.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry: We are familiar with the subject of moving Berlin to Switzerland and know exactly which forms are needed in which contexts. The costs are kept within narrow limits when working with us and are always calculated fairly. We are committed to providing a professional performance that is both affordable and through.

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You can send a message to us free of charge at any time. Whether you want a personal offer, an appointment for a visit or a call-back – no matter, simply fill in the Quick enquiry form and we will get in touch with you. Or you can use our moving cost calculator to create a personal offer in just 3 steps! You will then receive your moving goods List and the further details as a PDF by e-mail for printing.

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