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Lying down or standing up. Which one is better?

No matter, whatever the reason for your moving or your apartment clearance, if you’re moving from one place to another then among all items, appliances are the items, which need to be transported with you. Especially the Refrigerator, which mostly carries all the frozen items and prevents being destroyed left-over food before time.

Mostly all the refrigerators are heavy and contain some height, which is not possible to carry by one or two-person. and before heading, a person must have proper planning from lifting, loading, and unloading the items to their right place. This is what Blitz can help you with this.

Fridge move: Step by step into the new home

In the very first step, you can completely empty the fridge with all the items. It’s not about the food, that you should clean, but all the items which are kept for a purpose including shelves, basket, and door compartment, which is not attached to the appliance.

Make sure all items are getting wrapped in bubble wrap or in towels, to keep them intact. Also, don’t forget to pack all the items in the refrigerator in the same box, so that you don’t face any problems while unwrapping.

Do consume all the left-over and perishable food before a day of moving, so that you don’t have to throw it away. Do wrap well and sent it with the help of transporting company.

Defrosting the fridge Moving: Think about it in good time!

If ice has formed in your refrigerator, then you should plan out it to defrost your refrigerator before moving. You should never transport your appliance without defrosting, as it could lead to damage to your items. If you forget to do so and you don’t have enough time of moving and it is taking to defrost itself, then you can use the dryer to speed up the process.

After defrosting, make sure you clean your refrigerator thoroughly so that it doesn’t smell stink after opening a few days later.

Transporting the fridge-freezer lying flat: a good idea?

Transporting a refrigerator in an upright position would be the best option to transport. Otherwise, it has a great risk of getting damaging the compressor and the compressor may start losing oil, which ultimately will have an effect on cooling. Your all effort, money, and your items could go in vain if doesn’t handle them very carefully.

If for any reason, you’re not having enough space in a van or a truck, then you can keep your refrigerator laying down, but make sure the sensitive parts are on the upwards side and not on the downside, with all the support needed, make sure it doesn’t get displaced right and left.

Brief instructions: transporting the refrigerator lying down

  • Horizontal transport only if absolutely necessary
  • Fill the back with foil, blankets, or cardboard
  • Seal the refrigerator door with masking tape
  • Then put the fridge on its side
  • Avoid shocks as much as possible
  • Secure the device in the transporter with moving material
  • Use tension belts/ropes and padding

It’s very hard to do all this, if you’re inexperienced, make sure you hire some professional moving company such as Blitz Umzuge, who can perform the task very easily and without damaging your items, do read the reviews of our previous customer, and then come back to us.

Switching on the refrigerator after transport: what needs to be considered?

Alert! Don’t switch the refrigerator or any device immediately after transportation, make sure you leave it for 2 to 4 hours to get the fridge in a normal condition. Do consult your refrigerator instruction for clear instructions, so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Lightweight or heavy block. What does a fridge weigh?

A small, light refrigerator weighs around 30 to 40 kg, while large appliances with a freezer compartment can easily exceed 100 kg. This means that you usually need at least one helper for the transport, sometimes even two or three. A hand truck is highly recommended for level ground.

Transporting the fridge Stairs: how do I negotiate the steps?

Transporting a refrigerator over several floors is a tiring task. Use risers whenever possible, and have at least two people to tackle this challenge. Would be better if you hire a professional moving company like Blitz Umzüge via quick request, we’ll do it the right way.


Wie transportiere ich einen Kühlschrank?

Transportieren Sie Ihren Kühlschrank möglichst stehend, um Schäden zu vermeiden. Decken Sie die Rückseite mit Polstern und Kartonagen ab, damit die empfindliche Technik heil bleibt. Kleben Sie außerdem die Kühlschranktür mit Klebeband zu und sichern Sie das Gerät im Transporter gut mit Spanngurten. Liegendtransporte sind nur für den Notfall angeraten, und das ausschließlich auf der Seite.

How do I transport a refrigerator?

Try to transport your refrigerator upright to avoid damage. Cover the back with padding and cardboard to keep the sensitive technology intact. Also, seal the refrigerator door with cello tape and secure the device securely in the van with straps. Lying transport is only recommended for emergencies, and the sensitive part should be up.

Can the fridge be transported lying down?

You can transport a refrigerator lying down, but it is better to avoid it. When lying down, oil could get into the cooling circuit, and the device is also more sensitive to vibrations. If there is no other choice, lay the fridge well-cushioned and secured on its side, but never on its back!

How long does a refrigerator have to stand after transport?

After transportation, give your refrigerator to rest for at least 2 to 4 hours. If you carried the device lying down, increase the rest period to 12 to 14 hours. If in doubt, a look at the instructions for use will help. Incidentally, the idle times are there so that oil droplets that may have gotten into the cooling circuit find their way back and thus do not lead to any defects.

How long does it take to defrost the fridge?

Defrosting at room temperature always takes a few hours. Most refrigerator owners use the night to get rid of the ice. If you want to speed up the process, use a hairdryer and heat up the appropriate areas. Don’t forget the collection container and rag!

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