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BLITZ UMZÜGE UG (haftungsbeschränkt) – Gürtelstr. 17, D-10247 Berlin – hereinafter referred to as “furniture carrier”.

1. Scope of application

These conditions apply to all contracts for the carriage of removal goods and its storage, as well as packaging work.

2. Information obligations of the sender and vehicle provision

The sender shall inform the Blitz Umzuege UG in good time before carrying out the transport over all the essential factors influencing the implementation of the contract. This includes, in addition to type and quality, weight, quantity and the dates to be adhered to, technical requirements for the vehicle and any accessories required; Information on the value of the goods is made by the sender if this is important for the vehicle/accessory to be set.

3. Cancellation costs

If the customer cancels a removal order before it is carried out, the following lost profit shall be agreed on a flat-rate basis:

In the event of a cancellation more than five calendar days before the planned move, 50% of the contract sum will be due.
In the case of a cancellation not more than five calendar days before the planned move, 75% of the contract sum will be due.
In the event of a cancellation not more than one calendar day before the planned move, the full contract amount will be due.
If the move is canceled or canceled on the same day, the full contract amount is due.

4. Maturity of the agreed remuneration

The invoice amount is payable at domestic transport before the start of the unloading, in the case of foreign transport before the start of the loading and in cash. If the sender does not comply with his payment obligation, the freight forwarder is entitled to stop the removal goods or to store it at the sender’s expense after the start of the transport. § 419 HGB applies accordingly.

5. Handover of the goods

The cargo is handed over to the company Blitz Umzuege UG unpacked. In the case of goods that have already been packaged, damage can only be claimed if the packaging is damaged, and this is shown before the unpacking of the company Lightning moves UG.

6. Storage

If a fixed term of the contract is not agreed, it shall be at least one month. The termination of the storage contract is made in writing or by telephone with a period of at least 14 days. As long as the Putaway party does not terminate the put-away contract, the contract term is automatically extended by one month. If, after the receipt of a cancellation and the corresponding issuance of a release note, no outsourcing has taken place until the last performance, an extension of (each) 1 month will be effected.

7. Delay, offsetting

Late payment occurs without a reminder or other requirement, no later than 14 days after receipt of the invoice, if the delay has not occurred in advance of the law. In the event of default, Lightning moves UG may demand at least interest in the amount of 5% above the ZumZeitpunkt of the entry of the default of the ECB. If this key interest rate continues, the corresponding replacement key rates will take place in the position of the German Bundesbank’s discount. Claims arising from the contract of carriage, and related claims arising out of tort and unjustified enrichment, may only be granted with due, the reason and the amount after undisputed or legally determined claims Be offset.

8. Liability Amount

The liability of the Blitz Umzuege UG is limited to €620.00 per cubic metre. The sender may agree to a further liability. In this case lightning removals UG will exclude a separate insurance for this move. The insurance premiums resulting from this shall be borne by the sender.

9. Exclusions of liability

No liability exists if the loss or damage is to be attributed to the following dangers: Carriage of precious metals, jewels, precious stones, money, stamps, coins, securities or deeds. Insufficient packaging or marking by the sender; handling, loading or unloading of the goods by the sender; Carriage of goods not packaged by the carrier in containers; Loading or unloading of good, the size and weight of which does not correspond to the space conditions at the loading point or unloading point, provided that the carrier warns the sender of the danger of damage and the sender is on the performance of the service Has passed. Transport of live animals or plants; Natural or defective nature of the goods, according to which it is particularly easy to suffer damage, in particular through breakage, malfunctions, rust, internal spoilage or leakage.

10. Damage Notification

The claims due to loss or damage of the goods shall lapse if the damage was externally identifiable and the carrier was not indicated at the latest on the day after delivery of the goods; If the damage was not visible externally and the carrier was not displayed within 14 days after delivery, § 451 F HGB. Damage messages must be submitted in writing without exception. Electrical appliances cannot be checked by the freight forwarder in advance for their functionality and thus fall out of the warranty, a compensation is only guaranteed in case of transport damages.

11. Lien

Blitz Umzuege UG has a lien on the removal goods because of all claims justified by the relocation contract. He may refuse to issue the contract as long as the agreed remuneration has not yet been paid. Gratuities cannot be charged.

12. Place of performance

Unless otherwise agreed, the employees of the freight forwarder are not entitled to do electrical, gas, dowel and other installation work.

13. Erfüllungsort

As far as the place of performance and jurisdiction is legally permissible, the registered office of Lightning Removals UG is agreed.

14. Severability Clause

In the event of ineffectiveness of individual parts of the contract, the contract shall remain. In this case, the Contracting Parties are obliged to make arrangements which are closest to the economically desired result in respect of the ineffective parts.

15. Agreement on German law

German law applies.

Stand: August 2017

Geschäftsführer: Fadile Cetin 
Gürtelstraße 17
D-10247 Berlin

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