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Relaxed in the new home

Blitz Umzuge is known for its excellence when it comes to moving seniors in Berlin. The company not only deals with the senior move but deals with other types of removal as well such as private move, international move, etc. In a senior move, older people face more problems while moving from an old apartment to a new apartment due to certain reasons. This type of move causes a lot of stress, which might not be easy for everyone to take that easily. Better will be to hire professionals who know what and how to do.

Moving with sensitivity – a case for the professionals

The employees of Blitz Umzüge approach the matter with the necessary sensitivity. You know that a senior mover in Berlin usually happens out of sheer necessity. The elderly usually cling to their old surroundings and don’t leave voluntarily, so the moving team’s sensitivity must be correspondingly great. The furniture and other objects also have a high ideal and emotional value, so special respect is required here. Our employees know this very well and behave accordingly. Since seniors are often physically handicapped, everything depends on the strong, friendly helpers who lend a hand in order to neatly stow boxes, boxes, and furniture.

The employee of Blitz Umzuge is very professional in approaching the matter to know the sensitivity of the move, especially in the senior move. As older people are very attached to their items, they don’t let them go into anyone’s hands. 

So that emotion we understand from the bottom of the heart. That’s why we plan a special move for those items, which are very dear to the client. Whether it is a couch, appliance, painting, etc. Many older people are handicapped, so we make sure that we’re not causing any issues to them and that their personal items are safe while loading and unloading.

Well-founded planning for the senior citizens’ move to Berlin

Before you take your first step in moving, you must take the advice of execution as it is not a cup of coffee, which anyone can sip and do. Blitz Umzüge is familiar with all the aspects that a senior move might take.

Blitz has already carried out 100s of senior moves along with the different moves. Our moving company gives great care to the elderly people and give many special offers and discount. Including the carefree package that might be needed during the move. 

You can also plan and us before the moving date to pack all the necessary stuff, such as appliances, furniture, removing and installing the kitchen cabinets from the old to a new home. We also provide temporary store furniture for you as well as a disposal service.

Your choice: Which service do you need?

If you do not want full service, simply put together your personal menu from our services. So you get exactly the package that suits you and your senior move Berlin. Contact us and let us advise you so that everything runs smoothly in the end! If you would like advance price information, it is advisable to call up our price table or start a quick digital inquiry. All this is free of charge for you and does not oblige you to enter into a contract with us. Only when we are completely in the agreement do we seal the fee-based cooperation.

No matter, whether you need a full service or some part, you can easily select the service from the booking section. You will the price of your service straightaway, moreover if you’re not able to figure what to do, then you may call us early to get all the details for your moving. The consultation will be absolutely free, we’ll only be charging once you’re ok the service.

We offer these advantages at the senior move in Berlin

Let’s have a look at what we extra provide for our lovely elder customer, we have been working and serving customers, and since then we have never seen any conflict in terms of prices and services.

  • Our advantages at a glance
  • Intuition and experience
  • kindness and empathy
  • An all-round carefree package for seniors
  • Selected services are also possible
  • Wide range of services
  • Fair value for money
  • Detailed advice and planning
  • Detailed written offer

We try our best to find the perfect solution for every customer, our aim is to provide a safe, reliable, and relaxed service to every customer. Before we move, we note down all the points first, and then make them in the picture with our 100% effort. For this, we try to visit the customer’s place and analyze all the data and then act on it. As it’s not possible to understand the scenario on the call. 

Quick Enquiry

You can send a message to us free of charge at any time. Whether you want a personal offer, an appointment for a visit or a call-back – no matter, simply fill in the Quick enquiry form and we will get in touch with you. Or you can use our moving cost calculator to create a personal offer in just 3 steps! You will then receive your moving goods List and the further details as a PDF by e-mail for printing.

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