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Piano transport Berlin with competence and muscle power

It’s not easy to transport a piano with one or two men, it would definitely require several strong people, who can lift it up diligently, put it in the van, send it to the destination place and then unload it with extra care. After all, it’s not a guitar, keyboard, or drum, which can dismantle and take it easy. It’s a very sensitive instrument that requires extra care while lifting, loading, and unloading. 

This is only possible by professional transport moving company like  Blitz. Who is mastered in their work. Our staff is experienced and professional in their work. Moreover, we don’t charge extra prices for the service neither we keep any hidden charges. We assure that customer instruments are safe till the last service. 

Piano Transport Berlin

Piano transport throughout Germany with Blitz Umzüge

Blitz Umzüge is a Berlin-based company that organizes piano transport throughout Germany. So if you need to carry out a piano transport throughout the Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, or any parts of Germany. We are available for you. You can book yourself and get an instant appointment.

Moreover being a music lover, we understand your concern about your instrument, you just have to relax now, because your piano is in safe hands, and we won’t disappoint you in any way. Also, you can read the positive feedback about our service from our customers, reading those will give you enough boost to trust us for your service. 

Piano Transport Berlin: across the city 

No matter where you want to transport your piano either from one floor to the next, three streets away, or in completely different districts, with Blitz your piano is safe and secure, we make sure that your piano reach in the same condition as it was without any damage.  You can trust our professionals who are working with us for a decade and have not given any chance of complaint yet.

Grand Piano transport Berlin

Grand Piano transport Berlin: These services are included 

With Blitz Umzüge, all associated services are included in the piano transport Berlin, so you don’t have to worry about anything yourself. There will be also no hidden charges after service ends, we stand by our words, we’ll charge only what we have stated before.

Do Contact us to clarify all the details and get all the answers to your questions. Call us, send us an email or fax, or use the quick inquiry option. The following list provides you with advanced information about which services are included in our Berlin piano transport.

  • Experienced, strong helpers
  • The equipment needed
  • A transport vehicle with a driver
  • The assembly and disassembly
  • The general working time
  • The mileage allowance
  • Backup while driving
  • The transport insurance

Spezialtransporte Berlin – more than just pianos 

Even if your piano is your “one and only” instrument, we give extra care no matter what item it is. In case of your piano transport, we can provide you a special transport to carry out only your piano alone with their associated items. We make sure all the manpower is available to handle this task, moreover, we provide different items transport as well related to residential and commercial, you can check it out, or call and email us directly, we’ll answer your straightway.

A full-service provider for all cases

Both private individuals and business people turn out to move their belongings from one place to other. Well no matter what items you want to transport, all items are transported by Blitz, no matter whether it is big or small, near or far.

We have conducted several moving and transportation under many conditions. You just trust us, whether it is your piano or any items, we’ll help you to move. 


How much does it cost to ship a piano?

The cost of piano transport to Berlin not only depends on the provider but also on how many floors your instrument has to travel. Added to this are the kilometers driven between the old and new locations. Some companies set flat rates between 75 and 200 euros, but there are often surcharges. You can get a realistic cost estimate from Blitz Umzüge.

What is the best way to transport a piano?

A piano transport Berlin must be done with great care and sensitivity, even in places where it gets difficult. This requires strong, experienced porters who can secure the instrument to carry straps. You cannot avoid tiring hand and back work, but there is still the possibility of booking a professional company for this work.

How much does a piano transport within a city cost?

It is not possible to say in general terms how much it costs to transport a piano within a city. Many providers calculate their price per floor and add the number of kilometers to be driven. Unfortunately, there are always dubious dumping offers. You should be suspicious of offers of less than 100 euros and also if the company does not ask for the details. It is better to contact reputable professionals whose cost estimates are based on facts.

How do you transport a piano staircase?

A piano is not only heavy but also delicate. The transport over the stairs is carried out by strong helpers with carrying straps, who maneuver the instrument from floor to floor. There are no other options if you go down the stairwell. If you want the piano to be transported to Berlin carefully and without damage, contact Blitz Umzüge.

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