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Inexpensive furniture transport Berlin

If moving from Berlin to Hamburg or any part of Europe with a small household or the transport of individual items such as washing machine, sofa, or cupboard from one location to another, you will find the Blitz Umzuege is reliable and give fair furniture transport amongst others.

We also act in an urgent case, if you need to transport your items immediately, but this could charge you a little bit extra. We always advise that, if you’re planning to move, then plan your move a bit earlier and seek the help of some professional moving company, who can guide you the process, this way you can reduce your cost of moving as well.

By doing this, we as a moving company, can come to your place and can evaluate the items, whether it is big or small, or this would require a small or big van. 

In short notice, none can decide what exactly is the need and also unable to combine several small transports and sometimes we have to carry transportation with most of the empty part. That is what could incur you a little bit more charges. So plan earlier to save your money.

furniture transport costs

What furniture transport costs in Berlin depends on various factors…

In general, it can be said that the smaller the loading area and the greater the distance, the higher the savings. An additional load is usually measured according to cubic meters and transport distance (km). When comparing, please note that there can be major differences in this regard when moving. For example, an additional load from Berlin to Munich can cost between 80 and 150 euros per cubic meter

From whom is a cheap furniture transport with additional load worthwhile?

There might be many reasons for looking for a cheap furniture transport option for bulky items

 You can carry your complete move at once if you don’t have enough time to wait or might be your rental period is not allowing you to say. Many times happen when all the household items don’t get fit in one van, so in that case, you can have additional cargo in order to save your time, extra mileage for another van, and your money off-course. 

Also, you don’t have to worry about that, as they deliver the goods directly to the door. 

Also, Blitz is available to send your items to different cities or in different districts, if you need to do it, that too at affordable prices.

furniture transport

Book furniture transport early and clarify liability

The cheap option of transporting furniture as additional cargo might not be suitable for a short distance. As it might take a longer time than expected. Whereas you can have a one-day delivery of your furniture or any household items through moving companies.

Do check the offer, and make an appointment as soon as possible for your move.  Make sure you are aware of our items damage policy. As a moving company, we are liable for your household items, if get damaged or lost, we’re liable to pay. The average transport insurance sums up to 650 euros per cubic meter

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