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Untouched nature, perfect organization and even higher wages. Moving from Berlin to Switzerland makes sense for many people. In fact, cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne and Bern have gained an ever-increasing attractiveness in recent years. The Alpine country with its more than eight million inhabitants is also dependent on skilled workers from abroad and because of the language German have particularly good cards. However, there are some special features to consider when moving to Switzerland.

Blitzumzuege. Berlin is a proven specialist for Berlin – Switzerland’s removals. Keep in mind that the Confederation is not part of the European Union and is subject to special customs regulations. In other words, a move to Switzerland cannot be compared with a move in the country or in a country of the EU and is accompanied by special challenges.

Don’t worry: As a moving company we have already carried out a lot of moves from Berlin to Switzerland. In Switzerland, by the way, this is called “reining” but only on the sidelines. Our approach is similar to that of a domestic move. We will be happy to provide you with a binding offer directly on site and to supply you with the necessary moving cartons on request. Of course we also take care of the premises – in this case in Switzerland – for the necessary precautions such as the establishment of a ban zone etc. Even more important for a successful Berlin move to Switzerland is the consideration of some tips.

Let’s take the moving car only once. In some cases it may happen that it is weighed at the border. Customs here give clear guidelines that should not be exceeded in terms of weight. The background is the Nachtfahr and weekend driving ban for trucks under which the 7.5-tonner, which is often used when moving, is also covered. Another aspect is the opening hours of customs clearance, which should be considered as much as possible.

Finally, the question arises as to whether they will immediately reside in Switzerland or leave it in Germany first. This question is relevant with regard to the so-called estate. The rule here is that imported items have been used personally for at least six months and must also be used after importation.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry: We are familiar with the subject of moving Berlin to Switzerland and know exactly which forms are needed in which contexts. The costs are kept within narrow limits when working with us and are always calculated fairly. We are committed to providing a professional performance that is both affordable and through.

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